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Project management software and project flow controlling incl
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22 April 2014

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This is a software tool that lets you manage projects.

fsProject is a project management tool. It will help manage project tasks, how much work got done, plan manpower deployment and keep track of costs involved. It helps construct a Gantt chart representing the work breakdown and the sequence of the work tasks, their completion status, milestones and so on. This software tool will let you allocate costs to projects. The display will show you shortage in manpower allocation, cost overruns, or delays in task completion prominently. Resource allocations are indicated up to current day. Detailed project history is recorded and can be inspected at any time. Detailed status of project activities is logged and can be viewed at any time. The statistics collected are on many aspects of the project. You would be able to make out the exact status of the project at any time.

Daily work schedules and weekly schedules of everyone assigned to the project can be viewed by their supervisors and workload can be controlled and adjusted. With the features available with this tool, it would be possible to manage and control just about any kind of projects. Constructing of the Gantt chart is easily done with the tool available. In the Gantt chart you could go down to any level of sub-tasks or roll them up to some higher level of aggregation. Processes could be linked based on the dependencies. Organizing the tasks according to the critical path method is simple. There are some templates available that make setting up the Gantt charts easy. Resources overview and histogram will tell you the exact situation about resources. Overall this is a very good product. The trial version will not let you save a project; you will need a license to remove that restriction.

Publisher's description

fsProject 2014 is a convenient software to wide control project flows, manpower, resources and costs. Project flows and structures are optimal displayed in Gantt chart. You can enter new processes either in datasheet or in Gantt-chart. You can allocate various costs to all projects. Resources are allocated exactly to the day. Project budget cost overrun, shortage of personnel placement or critical postponements are shown directly. This helps you to control projects. You are able to log states of project and to inspect project history.
This software provides you with plenty of statistics and analysis you may view anytime. Among project progress you are able to view daily schedules and weekly schedules of staff and to control their workload.
So fsProject 2014 helps you to keep complete control of project progress und project budget.
features and characteristics
ready for Windows 8
scheduling and controlling of projects of all kind
Gantt chart
subprocesses/aggregated processes (hierarchy)
periodically repeating processes
process linking
scheduling of resources
manpower analysis
allocation of resources
critical path
administration and management of templates
holidays in Germany, Austria, Switzerland
copious printing dialog for best printing layout
nominal-actual comparison
workload of staff
resources overview
resources histogram
list of dates
analysis exports (*.html, *.xls, *.xml, etc.)
automatic search for updates
Please feel free to try fsProject 2014. You can download a demo version of fsProject 2014. You are unable to save projects in demo version. You can upgrade to a full version without reinstalling by unlocking the software using the serial number.
Version 2014
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